The Brand New AI Access Control System from PHiStek




10.1吋螢幕的精簡的外觀設計,具高度的臉部辨識率以及溫測量功能,同時具有口罩穿戴辨識功能,多樣化的I/O功能具備Zigbee無線技術閘道器的功能。可供連接上百種感測器降低整合後的TCO總體成本讓用戶真正享受 Edge Computing 邊緣計算及AIoT人工智慧互聯網的便利,加上後台管理介面完善;系統維護簡易方便:內建進出人員實名管理報表,並將出勤或訪客動態整合至管理介面,即時了解出勤防疫概況,統計報表與出勤資訊整合。

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台灣螢端科技持續推出專業防疫IT設備,Made in Taiwan 享譽世界守護全球!


 The Brand New AI Access Control System from PHiStek

As the COVID-19 continues to affect our world and the Delta virus, the new mutations of the virus, might impact our life even stronger. Thus it’s the time to bring the intelligent epidemic prevention equipment to the world ~ PHiStek officially launched the brand new AI Access-Contactless Epidemic Prevention Control System which take the advantage of its professional integration capability in Industrial Display design and manufacturing.


The S101 is a deep learning accelerated access control system, the streamlined design of the 10.1 inch touch screen featured with high accuracy facial recognition, body temperature measurement, face mask detection, and rich I/Os in a compact chassis. S101 is also a Zigbee gateway, connecting to hundred types of sensors, saving Total Cost of Ownership on integration for users and benefits from the convenience of edge computing and AIoT.


In addition, the well-established backend management interface makes the system maintenance more easy: built-in real-name registry management reports / dynamic integration of attendance or visitors into the backend database / real-time information for epidemic prevention / statistical reports / attendance information integration.


The recommended application of S101 include medical institutions, commercial buildings, postpartum nursing homes, schools, entertainment malls…. etc.; in response to epidemic prevention operations, real-name access control management could be completed in 1-2 seconds, and can be applied to various institutions access control for domains and major companies, detection of mask wearing and body temperature measurement,


This access-contactless epidemic prevention control system can be combined with attendance access control and epidemic tracking, effectively control the risk of infection, reduce the risk of infection and the labor cost, and it’s a win-win situation with the enterprise.


Due to the gradual popularity of vaccinations; PHiStek shall continue to extend more function for coming version - an enhanced 2.0 model; the new function will be with a digital vaccine passport verification function, including applications that need to insert the real-name health insurance card: connection The TOCC travel history database allows medical institutions to control the risk of infection. The generation II model will add voice warnings function to instantly remind abnormal conditions, this is a optimization to the management operations.


PHiStek continues to launch professional anti-epidemic IT equipment & kiosks, Made in Taiwan is world-renowned and guards the whole world !