Windows Multipoint Server 2012

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Windows MultiPoint Server

    The concept of Windows Multipoint Server is easy. It takes the excess power of a computer and shares it across multiple end users. Called "Shared Computing" or sometimes "Virtual Desktops", this is possible due to advances in technology. In the past, Personal Computers (PCs) were designed to be simple and used by individuals. Servers were powerful enough to handle the computing needs of many individuals in an organization, but needed skilled IT professionals to run them. But that's changing. Today's PCs have become so powerful that they can deliver quality graphics and video and still have excess power to spare. Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 leverages the excess power of a PC and turns it into a server capable of powering multiple computing sessions at once. It's the software operating system that runs each end user's personalized Windows 8 "session" on the host computer. It then delivers a "virtual desktop" experience via the access devices to each end user working on their own monitor, keyboard and mouse. It's easy to install and manage.

▶ Retail Market
▶ Hospitality & QSR Market
▶ Interactive Kiosk
▶ Clinic Medical Registration
▶ Gameing and Lottery