Intelligent multi-self-service Kiosk from PHiStek Inc


台灣螢端科技持續推出全新智能Kiosk X215系列,供應全球各種行業自助服務之應用,其中這款X215系列Kiosk應用於餐飲服務業的自助點餐服務

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台灣螢端科技以多年的工控顯示器領域經驗:專注於系統整合應用及相關顯示產品的研發與製造,是專業顯示系統解決方案供應商~業主根據不同的環境將這款X215 Kiosk結合輕鋼架的懸吊配件以及落地式的底座予以規劃與建置,台灣螢端科技的Kiosk整體解決方案完全滿足不同環境需求的規劃設計與製造。


台灣螢端科技的全系列智能Kiosk應用領域包括智慧零售的人工智慧技術與物聯網的整合運用、連鎖餐飲業的自助點餐付款Kiosk、醫療院所診間報到系統Kiosk、彩票/博弈業自助選單與線上付款Kiosk、大賣場多媒體資訊應用商品廣告與即時促銷活動Kiosk/自助查詢Q&A Kiosk、自助式的智能接待與報到Kiosk


PHiStek Inc. continues to launch new series intelligent Kiosk X215, which provides self-service applications in various industries around the world. Among them, this X215 series Kiosk is used in self-service ordering services in the catering industry.


With years of experience in the field of industrial displays, PHiStek focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of system integration applications and related display products. The café or  restaurant's owner  combines this X215 Kiosk with light steel frame according to different environments suspension accessories and floor-standing bases are planned and built. The overall Kiosk solution of PHiStek Inc. fully meets the needs of different environmental.


PHiStek's full range of intelligent Kiosk applications include the integrated application of artificial intelligence technology and the Internet of Things in smart retail, self-service ordering and payment Kiosk in the chain catering industry, Kiosk, the registration system for medical hospitals, and lottery/gaming industry self-service menus And online payment Kiosk, hypermarket multimedia information application product advertisement and instant promotion Kiosk/self-service query Q&A Kiosk, self-service smart reception and check-in Kiosk.