Intelligent 32” Self-service Kiosk from PHiStek Inc.

台灣螢端科技 32吋智慧型Kiosk持續出貨



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1.      連鎖餐飲業的自助點餐付款Kiosk

2.      醫療院所診間報到Kiosk / 醫療自助繳費Kiosk / 醫療分流取號Kiosk

3.      彩票/博弈業自助選單與線上付款Kiosk

4.      大賣場多媒體資訊應用商品廣告與即時促銷活動Kiosk

5.      自助查詢Q&A Kiosk

6.      自助式的智能接待與報到Kiosk

7.      智慧零售與物聯網的整合運用Kiosk



PHiStek Inc. continues to launch 32” Self-service Kiosk, provideing self-service kiosk in various industries around the world. The S320 series Kiosk has been urgently shipped in response to the needs of foreign agents. It should be installed in the self-service ordering service of the well-known fast-food restaurant chain these days. The series Kiosks shall be adding an additional payment solution and increasing the self-service mechanism for the increasingly severe catering environment and reduce the chance of person-to-person contact.


For different industrial applications and environments, combining related suspension accessories and floor-standing bases, the total kiosk solution of PHiStek Inc. can fully meet the needs of different environments. 


PHiStek's full range of smart Kiosk applications includes

1. Self-service ordering payment kiosk for chain restaurants

2. Clinic check-in kiosk of medical institutions / Kiosk for self-service medical payment / Kiosk for medical cashier and registration.

3. Lottery/gaming industry self-service menu and online payment kiosk

4. Hypermarket multimedia information kiosk for product advertisement and real-time promotion.

5. Self-service inquiry Q&A kiosk

6. Self-service smart reception and check-in kiosk

7. The smart retail and the IoT kiosk 

PHiStek Inc. provides a full range of smart service kiosk.