Stories after the Smart City Summit & Expo: PHIStek

20210421 台灣端科技2021智慧城市展後花絮報導

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本次實體展會計有 251 家廠商使用近 1000 個攤位,展出智慧醫療、智慧交通、智慧建築、智慧節能、智慧安防、智慧政府等各種智慧應用。2021年智慧城市論壇暨展覽活動,透過實體及網路展出已觸及全球 150 個以上的國家地區、約 15 萬國際專業買主,超過 60 萬次以上的瀏覽量。








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20210421 Stories after the Smart City Summit & Expo: PHiStek


The Smart Medical Exhibition of Smart City Summit & Expo(SCSE) has successfully concluded in Nangang Exhibition Hall 2 at the end of March. In this physical exhibition, 251 vendors with nearly 1,000 booths to deliver various smart applications such as smart medical care, smart transportation, smart building, smart energy saving, smart security, and smart government. The Smart City Forum and Exhibition in 2021, through physical and online exhibitions, has reached more than 150 countries and regions around the world, about 150,000 international professional buyers, and more than 600,000 views.


PHiStek exhibited for the first time in a joint exhibition with application partners in various fields, focusing on smart medical solutions which included Clinic Check-in Kiosk, Medical Self-service Payment Kiosk, Contactless Intelligent Safe-Pass Kiosk, Card Dispenser Self-Service Kiosk(21.5 “), Epidemic Prevention Facial Recognition Kiosk, small and medium-sized rimless industrial touch monitor and wireless physiological detection and warning headset /system. Whether it is the exhibitor or medical-related institutions, etc., all of visiters have a high degree of inquiries and interest in the application of kiosks on the exhibition; due to the complete epidemic prevention solutions on the exhibition, PHiStek’s staff also got the live interviews from the media during the exhibition.


Since 2020, the world has been greatly affected by COVID-19, and global economic activities have slowed down and even stopped. The demand and application of epidemic prevention solutions in the next 2 to 3 years will inevitably penetrate into various industries, As the visitors from long-term care institutions and building management companies eagerly inquire about related applications, which surely expands the use of theses kiosks from hospitals etc. to restaurants, parking lots, amusement parks, corporate & banks, etc.


In the future, in relevant field areas, ID cards and health insurance cards can record visiting time for visiting people , non-contact recording of body temperature, temperature control, and automatic distribution of access cards ; this kiosk could also be connected to other information systems and digital signage for instant notification to the access managers and reduce the workload. When facing the crowded queuing in line, the kiosk is used to divert guests to quickly obtain the access control cards of the elevators on each floor, the access control process is optimized, and these are applications of the smart medical / smart building.


PHiStek had already launched full range of intelligent Kiosk platform which surely would assist enterprises, governments, restaurants, and healthcare organizations to reduce the chance of epidemic infection and the workload.


As the COVID-19 outbreak for more than one year and most of the foreign partners could NOT attend this show in Taipei, Taiwan. PHiStek also shot a short video on the application and function of these stuffs (placed in the website and FB fan page of PHiStek),We sincerely hope this video could help you understand more of the solutions which are provided by our partners with PHiStek's hardware.