Hospital implement the Intelligent X150-KIOSK from PHiStek

 20210518 聯新國際醫院建置台灣螢端科技的智能X150-KIOSK

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隸屬聯新國際醫療集團的聯新國際醫院(Landseed International Hospital),原名壢新醫院20193月起更名為「聯新國際醫院」。該院為位於桃園市平鎮區的區域教學醫院,是南桃園最大的單一醫院,為推動智慧醫療除了儀器設備的科技化,該院也將醫護專業以及流程系統與制度做最佳化的整合規劃,以達到「以人為中心」的全人醫療服務。



台灣螢端科技的防疫智能X150-KIOSK 能根據不同科室的需求與軟體設計;呈現不同的功能:

1.      X150-KIOSK的門診應用是護理診間櫃台的看診集中報到 (由櫃檯護理人員代為插入檢保卡並取號),取號後等候個診間叫號看診。

2.      相同的X150-KIOSK硬體也能應用在出院中心掛號繳費櫃台~利用KIOSK本身的15吋觸控面板功能,結合軟體功能並取號碼牌的住出院的病患分流取號。

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智能型X150-KIOSK於本案例的效益即是運用相同的硬體主架構;結合不同的周邊(如健保讀卡機及熱感印表機等..) 就如同變形金剛般地呈現不同的功能;滿足院方不同科室的需求服務;本設備即刻改善病患報到的效率環境和提升醫生的就診速度及醫療品質;同時也增進病患的服務滿意度!






Landseed International Hospital implement the Intelligent X150-KIOSK from PHiStek


Landseed International Hospital ( a subsidiary of the Landseed International Medical Group) is a regional teaching hospital located in Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City. It’s the largest single hospital in South Taoyuan. In order to being the smart hospital, it optimizes the integration of medical care and process systems; and achieving "patient-oriented " holistic medical services.


Through the demand interview of the system integrator with the hospital , PHiStek launched a series of anti-epidemic intelligent KIOSKs which included X150-KIOSK implemented in different departments of the hospital ; it has built a centralized check-in kiosk for outpatient clinics and a ticket machine for the registration and cashier counters in the hospital discharge center.


This intelligent X150-KIOSK of PHiStek can be designed according to the needs and software of different departments; it presents different functions:

1.    X150-KIOSK's outpatient application is to insert a health insurance card for centralized check-in of the clinics (the counter nurse inserts the health insurance card and picks up the number ticket), then to get the queue number and wait for the number of the clinic to call for consultation.


2. The same X150-KIOSK hardware can also be applied to the registration and cashier counters of inpatient registration : Using the KIOSK's 15-inch touch panel , operated with the software and get a ticket , it can be used to divert patients to the counters of registration and cashier/ inpatient registration.


The benefit of the intelligent X150-KIOSK in this case is applying the same main hardware architecture; it combines different peripherals (such as health insurance card readers and thermal printers, etc.) to present different functions like Transformers ; meet the needs and services of different departments of the hospital; this device immediately improves the efficiency of patient check-in and improves the speed of doctors’ consultation and medical quality; at the same time, it also improves patient service satisfaction.


As the covid-19 continues to spread, these hardware can also be used in different industries~ Make good use of new IT tools to assist operations, and prevent the epidemic without increasing future manpower burden, from sales, follow-up management and customer service. Do a good job in the industrial upgrading of epidemic prevention. Relevant system integrators are welcome to join forces with PHiStek to invest in new epidemic prevention applications~ With the full range of PHiStek 's intelligent KIOSK platform for epidemic prevention, it provides self-help in various healthcare institutions, smart retail, catering chain industry, lottery/gaming industry and other industries Order payment system, self-service check-in and service system.