PHiStek at The Cares Taipei 2022


台灣螢端科技 盛大參加「2022台北國際照顧科技應用展」

當全世界人口都在老化,與老共存成為社會的新常態,照顧產業需要更多創新的應用與串連,「2022台北國際照顧科技應用展」( The Cares Taipei 2022) 即是以「打造照顧產業生態系,實現醫養大整合」為主軸,也是國內最聚焦、最大型的照顧科技盛會。台灣螢端科技於2022年將再度偕同照顧科技的應用夥伴聯展,針對智慧型照顧科技展出解決方案;藉助資訊科技的優勢,更全面地建構完整照顧體系。









台灣螢端科技  展位 : 台北世貿一館 D0422, D0424 (2個攤位)


PHiStek at The Cares Taipei 2022


As the world's population is aging, building a robust care industry for the elderly has become the new normal in society. And to achieve this, the care industry needs more innovative applications and connections. "The Cares Taipei 2022" focuses on "building a care industry ecosystem and realizing the integration of medical and nursing care." It is also the most focused and largest care technology event in Taiwan. This year, PHiStek Technology will again hold a joint exhibition with our care technology application partners to showcase smart care solutions. With the advantage of information technology, we can build a comprehensive care system.


PHiStek Inc.will display a variety of smart care technology equipment at the exhibition as listed below:


1. Self-service check-in and card-dispensing system for long-term care visitors

2. Intelligent access control face recognition system

3. Intelligent shunt numbering system

4. Intelligent clinical check-in system

5. Display monitors of various sizes, including medical-grade touch displays


Phistek Inc.will display a number of smart care technology equipment during the exhibition, meeting the needs of various application scenarios in the industry and supporting different installation methods and space requirements. We welcome visitors from the care service industry and look forward to providing more product details and live demonstration at the exhibition.


Place: Taiwan World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall 1, Booth: D0422 & D0424

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